Balance Again, Persib Acknowledge Disadvantages

Balance Again, Persib Acknowledge Disadvantages

Bad luck is still not lost from Persib Bandung Maung Bandung again swallowed a draw after being held by his guest Barito Putera with a score of 0-0 at the Stadium Si Starling Harupat, Soreang, Bandung regency, Monday (9/10/2017).

One point is to make Persib achieve a draw in five consecutive games in the League 1 competition with four of them while playing as a host.

Physical trainer Persib Bandung, Yaya Sunarya said the players have tried to show the best game. Although there are many opportunities but no one golpun created, it becomes the evaluation of staff of the coach.

“The match is very interesting, I appreciate how Barito (Putera) displays a fast and sharp counter attack.Congratulations for Barito because it has got the results of one point.”

“We are grateful, maybe that sentence that we deserve to say in gratitude for the favors even though the result is very disappointing.When we want to win, when we want to show that we have a strong belief to win the game was the result we should be grateful.

“We have a lot of chances but there is no goal, of course, back again how we fight again, not enough turns out many chances but do not produce goals.That means it’s back to us, we have to work hard again because it is not the result we want, , “he said after the game.

Yaya explained the coaching staff was trying to change tactics but still failed to get the most out despite having included Shohei Matsunaga and Fulgensius Billy Paji Keraf towards the end of the match.

“Indeed in the second half we input Matsunaga and Billy, why at the time (ahead of the game ended), both Atep and Maitimo can still contribute.While Matsunaga entered, Billy in more technically we want the variation, so the tempo game that makes us rather mendelay by looking at the next condition, that’s a consideration, “he said.

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