FIFA Ranking, Indonesia Beat Malaysia and Singapore

FIFA Ranking, Indonesia Beat Malaysia and Singapore

Indonesia’s ranking outperformed Malaysia in FIFA’s list of rankings as of October 2017. Indonesia gained four rankings compared to September.

October 2017, Indonesia is ranked 165th in addition to 4 points to a total of 117 points. With the achievement, Indonesia occupies the sixth position in Southeast Asia.

During 2017, Indonesia embraced an average of 70.62 points of FIFA, more than Laos (68.00), Malaysia (43.44), Cambodia (44.14) and Singapore (39.88).

Meanwhile, Malaysia is still below Indonesia in terms of FIFA ranking rankings. Malaysia ranks 170th with 110 points and makes the Malayan Tiger sits in seventh position in Southeast Asia.

The number one ranking in the AFF zone is the Philippines and the most losing team is Singapore, which has 11 positions.

Here’s a list of Southeast Asian countries ranked in FIFA rankings.

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