Four Players ‘Cabutan’ Persija Jakarta For Opponents Espanyol

Four Players ‘Cabutan’ Persija Jakarta For Opponents Espanyol

Three foreign players will defend Persija when entertaining Espanyol in a friendly match.

Persija Jakarta will get extra help when they host Spanish La Liga team Espanyol in a friendly match at the Patriot Candrabhaga Stadium on Wednesday (19/7) night.

The capital team will be reinforced by three foreign players who inhabit various positions. The party will also be utilized Persija coach team to see how far the quality of the three players.

The three players in question are Dan Ignat of Romania, Morocco’s Jaouad Zairi and a French-born playmaker who has defended Madura United, Redouane Zerzouri.

Coach Persija Stefano Cugurra was reluctant to talk further related to their chances of being recruited for League 1. “Management put there for us to see I can not talk, have to see first,” he said.

“Have seen them from the practice yesterday and see you play tomorrow we can evaluate more if the player is good,” continued the 41-year-old man from Brazil.

One other player who will be a trialist Persija is Aed Triloka. The player from Padang is still 20 years old and plays as a central defender.

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