Liverpool midfielder wants to recover from injury

Liverpool midfielder wants to recover from injury

Liverpool midfielder Adam Lallana will miss the team at the start of the 2017-18 season. Although disappointed, Lallana will try to restore the maximum injury to appear immediately.

Adam Lallana suffered a hamstring injury while defending Liverpool in Audi Cup 2017 match. No official information how long Adam Lallana will be absent.

British media, Adam Lallana is expected to pull over for three months. Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp predicts Adam Lallana will return to play in October if his injury recovery process does not suffer a setback.

“Because I ‘hurt’ myself, I personally will lose (the chance to play) at the start of the season but I can not do anything but confidence the club will do my best,” said Adam Lallana, in his Instagram account.

“My colleagues are in great shape and ready to strike, my focus now is to return (recover) and support them Thank you for all the support,” the England midfielder added.

This injury makes Lallana can not defend Liverpool in the Champions League playoffs counter Hoffenheim. In addition, Lallana will also miss an important game in the Premier League against Arsenal and Manchester United.

Source: Daily Mail, Instagram

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