Martinez Official Join Getafe

Martinez Official Join Getafe

Arsenal, confirmed to have lent Emi Martinez goalkeeper to Getafe long term this summer.

The Gunners’ decision to lend the 24-year-old player to the club La Liga, because that the player also get enough minutes to play.

After reaching agreement, Martinez who brought from Indepediente in 2010 and emphasized only to improve his appearance under the crossbar, the article in the Emirates stadium itself appear limited.

“I always want to keep improving,”

“At the moment it’s never enough for me. My kick is good but I want to have the perfect as a goalkeeper. Even on the bait. I know my bait is good but I can still do 30 bait in training session.

“Gerry Peyton said ‘Last one and I’ll do three more. I see what I can do and what I can improve with other goalkeepers. I always try to improve myself. If you want to play for Arsenal or want to be at the top level every year, then that’s what you need to do.

“It was my blood to train hard in training sessions. When you are not in the squad and you have to practice, sometimes it is very difficult because you want to be involved in the team and you play igin. I always tell myself ‘the opportunity will come and I will not let it run’ That’s what I make to be motivated all the time.

“I am from scratch and I am now at Arsenal, where one of the biggest clubs in the world, but I am never satisfied. I am only a third choice where I keep fighting for second position. So maybe next season I will fight to be number one. You should always give more in Arsenal. It’s never enough and that’s what it’s trying to do. “Emi Martinez said on the club’s official website.

Meanwhile, Martinez is sure to become the main goalkeeper at Getafe this summer an himself can undergo debut when meeting Atletico Bilbao on 20 August.

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