Pogba Give Rooney Compliments

Pogba Give Rooney Compliments

After retirement of Wayne Rooney from England, Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba openly extolled praise to his former captain Judi Dadu.

After contributing 53 goals and 119 caps, on Tuesday, Rooney decided to get out of The Three Lions.

The 31-year-old striker has not played for England since November, and after returning to Everton, he is now focused on his club-level career.

“You will always miss the figure of the captain, and the legendary figure like him,” Pogba told reporters. “He has experience, and he also won the trophy.”

“He created 200 goals in the Premier League. He is a top player who can help the team, and he is really a good player. If they want to grow, young players can take an example from him. ”

“I wish I could see a player like him, being on the pitch all the time. He is a figure I respect, he does what he likes, he is a real man, and he will always be a legend. “

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